Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow

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Joe's Top Ten Rules of Wood Durability

City ScapeBuildings should be suited to their environment.House & Tree

AtomThe laws of physics must be followed.

Three things destroy materials in general and Wood in particular: water, heat and ultra-violet radiation.

Of these threeWater is the most important by an order of magnitude.

 Critters love wet materials.

No wet materials, no Critters.

Things get wet ­ let them dry.

Things get wet from the inside, the outside and they start out wet.

When the rate of wetting exceeds the rate of drying accumulation occurs. When the quantity of accumulated moisture exceeds the storage capacity of the material problems occur.

The storage capacity of a material depends on time and temperature.

The drying potential of an assembly decreases with the level of insulation and increases with the rate of air flow.

As such, energy conservation has the potential to destroy more buildings than architects.

XDon't let biologists and wood scientists design real buildings.X